Connecting Items
debating at the Milan Design Week 2013

Items magazine together with Connecting the Dots joined forces in two debates with leading figures from the scene. Organised in collaboration with the Embassy & Consulate General of the Netherlands.

PROOFF & UNStudio presentation
Via Tortona 31, Milan

To Curate, or not to Curate
Wednesday 10 April

How does design find its way to the market? What design belongs in a museum? And how can a country best promote its designers on an international podium such as the Milan Design Week? With:

Moderator: David Heldt, Editor in Chief at Connecting the Dots.

Fluid Collaborations
Thursday 11 April
Dutch designers, from starters to stars, team up in ever changing combinations, producing an ever-expanding array of projects. Collaborative design seems to be the new unique selling point of Dutch design. We invite a panel of seasoned and fresh Dutch Designers to discuss the phenomenon. With:

Moderator: Max Bruinsma, Editor in Chief at Items magazine.

Items magazine
: Dutch platform for design. Based in Amsterdam, Items looks at the international culture of design from a Dutch perspective and has been doing so for the past 30 years.
Supported and organised in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in Rome and the Dutch Consulate General in Milan.

Listen to the debates (full length)

Listen to the debates (full length)

To Curate, or not to Curate (60 min.)

Fluid Collaborations (70 min.)