The Dots #11 – Milan 2015

Milan Design Week 2015
14 – 19 April 2015


The Dots #11 – Milan Design Week 2015. Click on thumbnail to download full pdf

The Dots #11 – Milan Design Week 2015. Click on thumbnail to download full pdf

The Milan design fair is the annual indicator for the Dutch design industry. What are the new trends? Who matters and why? On the eve the most important international design fair, which takes place from 14 to 19 April, Connecting the Dots offers an overview of new design from the Netherlands that will be on display during the coming edition of the design fair in Milan.

After many years of growth, the number of Dutch presentations in Milan has declined slightly. This seems to be good news, as it benefits the quality of the work that is being shown. This year, Milan demonstrates that the Dutch design sector has not been standing still. Strong developments, new labels, and collaborations all point to a positive trend. Connecting the Dots surveyed the individual presentations and offers a complete overview. This year, the design publication includes over 50 different Dutch exhibitions in Milan, in which more than 190 Dutch design studios and brands will be presenting.

The Netherlands remains one of the most prominent countries during the design fair. The unsuspecting visitor who this year visits the Lambrate district, in particular, will leave with the impression that the Dutch rule international design. For years, Dutch participation in the fair has taken shape far from the show floor, close to the edges of the city in abandoned industrial complexes that have been transformed into design palaces for the occasion. The result is a lively international design fair that comes together in more than one place in the city and in which the image of so many Dutch designers lingers on.

The sixth Milan edition of Connecting the Dots offers the complete overview. 20,000 copies of the publication will be printed in full-colour tabloid format and will be distributed during the design fair via all Dutch presentations.

Prior to the design fair, the digital edition can be consulted online. It offers an advance overview of all Dutch design studios and brands that will be presenting in Milan. During the fair in Milan, Tracy Metz and Sanne van der Beek will treat the digital visitor to short daily video reports of the most eye-catching design news under the name Short&Sweet.

The Dots, as the design publication has been referred to by design-loving Dutch people since the first edition in 2010, is now thicker than ever. Because the fair is so large in size and time is limited, this edition contains four columns by experienced fair visitors Annemartine van Kesteren, Matylda Krzykowski, Ann Maes, and Robert Thiemann, which include tips on the best ways to visit the fair.

In addition, The Dots includes eight portraits of various designers: Marjan van Aubel, Mae Engelgeer, Elise Luttik, Jan Puylaert, Marcello De Simone & Bruce Wayland (Little Owl Design), Nienke Sybrandy, Rick Tegelaar, and Jeroen Wand. The magazine also includes an interview with Madeleine van Lennep, director of BNO, and an article by Annemiek van Grondel on a generation of Dutch designers causing a furore in Milan, featuring Jacco Bregonje, Maarten Kusters, and Maurice Mentjens, among others.

This year, Connecting the Dots has developed the Dutch Design Press Desk, a central database of press material by individual design studios, from which the media can download relevant press releases and visual materials. The Dutch Design Press Desk is supported by BNO and the Dutch Consulate General in Milan and has proven to be an effective way of serving the international press with the latest news on Dutch Design in Milan.




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