The Dots #12 – Eindhoven 2015

Dutch Design Week 2015
Social & Green Design Guide II

17 – 25 October 2015

The Dots #12 – Dutch Design Week 2016. Click on thumbnail to download full pdf

The Dots #12 – Dutch Design Week 2016. Click on thumbnail to download full pdf

During Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Connecting the Dots will be distributing the Social & Green Design Guide, in collaboration with the DOEN Foundation. This guide offers an overview of all activities related to socially and ecologically sustainable design in Eindhoven. The number of projects devoted to social involvement being presented in this Dutch City of Light is remarkable, proving that social design is an important and current theme. With this edition, Connecting the Dots and the DOEN Foundation want to contribute to the description of this new discipline, of which the outlines are becoming more and more well-defined. The guide, which includes a map and route, will be distributed as a full-colour tabloid-size newspaper in a print run of 10,000 copies, and will be available free of charge to every visitor of Dutch Design Week from 17 October.

The special issue does more than show what Dutch Design Week has to offer in terms of social and green design; it offers deepening in the form of various interviews. It includes an extensive interview with Thomas Widdershoven, director of DAE, on social design, without really talking about the term social design. Widdershoven clearly sees the added value of design in which designers disrupt ex