The Dots Survey

The Dots Survey


Thank you for helping us take The Dots to the next level!
This survey will take five minutes of your time. You can find all previous editions of The Dots online here on ISSUU.
You may fill in the form in English or in Dutch, whichever you prefer.

The survey will close Monday 3 July 2017.


Name (not required if you prefer to remain anonymous)
E-mail (not required if you prefer to remain anonymous)
What is your main role at Milan Design Week?
If other, what exactly?
What the greatest change you’ve noticed during Milan Design Week over the last few years?
In addition to existing districts such as Ventura Lambrate, Zona Tortona and Brera, new zones have emerged and more (group) presentations have been held outside of organised areas. Has this tendency effected your experience at the Salone? If so, how?
What content of The Dots do you find most useful or interesting?
Is there any content that was missing?
For the past three years, the Dots guide is also online at (together with the press database). Which medium is most valuable to you?
All articles from the printed version of The Dots are also published online at Which medium is most valuable to you?
Is a printed medium still useful in a time were most people own a smartphone?
Since the first edition came out in 2010, The Dots’s format has changed a number of times. Which format was most valuable to you?
Would you prefer The Dots to be published in a luxury format at a cost?
If yes, what would be a fair price?
How has The Dots helped you in the past? The Dots has…
What do you believe would be the best way to communicate your individual work and to promote Dutch design as a whole?
If the print quality of The Dots were to be improved, would you be willing to pay more for inclusion in the guide?
Any further suggestions?
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