The Dots X, Milan Design Week 9-14 April 2019

Application form The Dots X – ten years connecting the Dutch

Milan Design Week 9-14 April 2019


We are preparing the 10th Milan edition of The Dots, since 2010 the annual guide containing all Dutch activities during the Milan Design Week. Besides the guide The Dots includes interviews and articles about Dutch design culture. All designers, furniture brands, labels, academies and organizations can now register their activities. Independent designers can register at reduced rates. The Dots comes out in the small magazine format B5 (17,5 x 25 cm).

Connecting the Dots is entirely in English and has a circulation of 8,000 copies distributed in Milan during the Milan Design Week 2019 at all Dutch presentations, through the network of Connecting the Dots and the Connecting the Dots website. Download the edition of 2018 here.

The 10th edition will be designed by graphic design studio Adrien Borderie, born in France but moved to Rotterdam after his Masters Graphic Design at St. Joost in Breda.

Presenting in Milan? Please fill out the form below and select the space you desire in the guide.

  • Please fill out all texts in English. We recommend to ask for professional assistance in the writing of English texts
  • Fields with a * are required fields
  • Please gather all the information before filling out the form; the form can not be stored temporarily and will be transmitted in one time
  • If anything is unclear, please send an email to
  • DEADLINE FRIDAY, 15 FEBRUARY 17.00, 2019

Interested in placing an advertisement in The Dots? Please contact The Dots sales team and receive the Media Pack.


Submission form for the guide

Name subscriber


Exhibition details


Text for guide

Please submit in the fields below the explanaition about your company/organisation and presentation. Note that this text will be used for publication in The Dots and/or online guide. Please submit text in correct English.

All participants of the guide receive one page in the online-guide containing presentation name, designer(s), location, contact details, text and an image.


Select your space in The Dots


Dutch Design Press Desk

The Dutch Design Press Desk is a online database for press content such as press releases and high-res images for Dutch brands, designers and organisations active at the Milan Design Week 2019. Since the Press Desk was launched in 2015, many journalists and bloggers have used the database, making it highly convenient for them not needing to contact each individual company.

Check out the website for more details and the database of last edition

If you thick the box underneath you will be asked to send us your press folder containing high-res images and a press release to

  • There is no deadline, but the sooner we can put it online, the better.
  • We recommend the volume of the folder not to exceed the 150MB.
  • The Dutch Design Press Desk will be actively promoted by press mailings and social media.
  • The database will stay 6 month online.
  • You can add or change content whenever you want till the beginning of the Milan Design Week by sending us an email.


Please send us 3 high-res images (300 dpi, +/- 20x30cm in .jpg) than can be used for print.

Each subscriber to the guide receives a full page on where an image will be used. This image will be cut to 1310x600 dpi. If you subscribed for a 1/8 or a 1/4 page you can also submit low-res images in 72 dpi.

Images can be send to by mail or by wetransfer. Please mention the photo credits.

Company details



Participation in Connecting the Dots is entirely optional. When your presentation / activity whatever reason does not go through, then we would ask that as soon as possible to us to pass. To ensure the quality of the publication editors ensures that image and text are flawless and of high quality. Optionally, you are prompted for new material. The editors reserve the right to change text and image if deemed necessary. Participants will receive a pdf with the layout before it go's to print and and can pass on changes until the day of the deadline.

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