MEDULUM Press Page – Milano Design Week 2019

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MEDULUM Press Folder - Milano Design Week 2019
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MEDULUM Press Folder - Milano Design Week 2019

Milano Design Week 2019


Elegance, sophistication and tradition, embroidered with Eastern pearls: the Most Serene’s ambassadors have landed in Milan. During the 2019 edition of Milan Design Week, MEDULUM is presenting its new collection, FLOW, at the beautiful Pisano Dossi Palace. The collection is a tribute to the Republic of Venice mercantile tradition and to the flow of riches and cultures that have shaped the Venetian identity. Objects rich in evocation – placed in a setting with soft and sinuous shapes – reinvent the method of conceiving interior spaces, celebrating the essential link with the territory of the Venice lagoon.

The nine pieces of furniture that make up this second collection, thanks to the Art direction by Accardi Buccheri studio, spring from a partnership between artisan expertise of the Zanchettin carpentery, which has been in business for the last 40 years, and the linguistic and typological research undertaken by the designers of the pieces in the collection. The resulting furniture introduces innovative solutions made with the typical care of artisan products.

Discover the elegant reinterpretations of elements inspired by the naval history, expeditions to the East and the piers, profiles and palaces of the city of Venice: tributes to the Serenissima by Viviana Degrandi and the studios Accardi Buccheri, CARA \ DAVIDE and Debonademeo. Art ceramics styling by: Marta Jorio.

FLOW (9-14 April 2019)
c/o Palazzo Pisani Dossi
Via Brera 11
20121 Milano

Via A. Toscaninini 8/A
30020 Meolo (VE), Italy

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